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Kinda like Napoleon Dynamite..

Author: Rather Shy
Pairing: Willard/OC
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Roses are red, violets are blue - me no own, you no sue.
Summary: Post-Willard, kind of an AU. I just wanted our Willard to get some sex, hee. I'm a sad case and it is probably terrible. Please feel free to leave any con-crit.

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* * *

Patient: Fenella Bennett
Symptoms: Paranoid delusions (believes hospital staff are trying to poison her), frequent hallucinations, unusually high sex drive, suicidal thoughts, attempts to harm herself, in despair, wants to die.
Diagnosis: Manic Depressive, possible Erotomania.

She’d been here four months. There were rumours that she had attempted to hang herself with her belt, refused all medication due to being pissed off with the side effects and no obvious improvement, and had suffered vivid hallucinations as a result. Whispers went around that she had had to be restrained because she repeatedly tried to knock herself out, and cut into her skin with anything sharp she could get hold of.
Willard Stiles didn’t know if any of this was true – but he was fascinated by her. Perhaps it was the way she moved, jerky, small, fast movements. Or her slightly large front teeth. Or the way she quivered in group, and never spoke. She was as quiet as he was, sitting stony-faced, staring at the floor, and acting as if she hadn’t heard when the Frank the counsellor asked her to read.

“Ratboy, Nelly,” Frank called. “Since you two are the only ones who won’t read your journals aloud in group, maybe it would be easier for you to read them to each other.”
Willard looked stricken. How was he supposed to behave?? She might kill him. And he couldn’t read her his journal….
Fenella was eyeing the counsellor.
“My name is not Nelly,” she said coldly. “It’s Fen.”
“I’m sorry.” Frank apologised. “Please follow me….”
He wasn’t usually this patronising. Willard followed as Frank led them to his room, and Fen took up the rear. He could hear her scuffling her feet along the floor.
“Make sure you do this,” Frank advised gently, opening the door for them.
After the door had slammed, Fen flopped onto his bed dramatically and opened her journal. Willard sat next to her, on the edge of the bed, on edge himself.
“November 31st.” Fen read, unashamedly. “Today Dr Blah asked me why I cut. I could not answer him because I did not think he would understand. He said I wasn’t trying to get better, and that he was tired of seeing me sick.”
She looked at him.
“Your turn.” she said, leaning across the table and attempting to grab the journal from Willard, who was covering it with his elbow.
“I read you mine.” Fen said, frowning.
“No,” Willard said firmly, trying not to look at her. He had to admit to himself - and he often did - that she wasn’t ugly. She had very dark eyes, almost black, and very long dark hair. She was also very short, and didn't have much of a figure - she wasn't classically pretty – but she was fascinating.
“Mean,” she said in a fake sulky voice and folded her arms. She waited a few minutes, enough for him to let his guard down a little, the flung herself at him and snatched the book.
“Fen!!” Willard shouted, trying to grab it back. “Fen, I mean it – please don’t read that!!” he implored, reaching for it. Fen looked as if she was about to hand the paper back – he reached out for it - when she caught sight of her name on the page. Her eyes widened as she read the passage. Then she read it again. And again. Willard looked at her unreadable expression and made a further attempt to grab the book back, but Fen slapped his fingers away and read aloud,

‘Fen, wait!!’ I shouted, catching hold of her arm, turning her around. ‘I have to tell you this….’ I felt my face turn red as I tried to find the words.
‘I know, Willard.’ Fen said, reaching up to stroke my cheek. ‘I love you too.’
And Fen –

Willard had shrunk back to the end of the bed and put his head in his hands.
“What happened next, Willard??” Fen asked, a grin tugging at the corner of her mouth. Willard looked up at her, an expression of utter shock on his face. “Is this what I did??” she whispered, and she leaned across the table and pressed her lips to his. He saw her eyes slip closed.
She pulled away slowly, observing him. He looked so innocent and surprised. Her heart began to thud and she decided then and there to take him to heaven.
Willard was smiling, and as she walked around the table he brought his hand up and ran a finger across his lips, unable to believe that she had kissed him.
“So…” she grinned, “Did I…??”
“Yes…” he breathed as his hands crept to her waist, bringing her body close to his. Her hands likewise wound around him and their mouths melted together.
Willard was glad she had decided to take the lead – this was all new to him although he wouldn’t admit it until he absolutely had to. Her lips opened, causing his to part also and he felt her tongue flicker into his mouth. He almost pulled away then, from sheer fear that he wouldn’t do it right, but then it seemed to come naturally. He moved his tongue against hers, and it seemed to please her because she clasped him tightly and kissed him harder. One of his hands crept to the back of her neck and ran through her hair, and the other instinctively cupped her backside. They continued to kiss, slowly and passionately.
Fen separated herself from Willard and surveyed him, smiling. He was hard; she could feel him, trapped in his pants – and he was gasping for breath and she wanted him so much it was all she could do not to ask him to take her there and then. This was more than she had ever felt.
"Willard.... I have to tell you this…." she whispered, mimicking his words in his writing.
He stared at her.
"I like you..."
She blushed as soon as it was out of her mouth. It sounded like something a ten year old would say in the playground.
A smile spread across Willard's face - Fen had never seen him look so happy.
"I like you too, Fen - I always have."
Fen pressed against him, kissed him again, her hands playing blindly about his shirt collar and top button.
“Look Fen, I --” he stuttered, “I've... I’ve never…been with anyone.” A scarlet blush stained his cheeks and he smiled at her apprehensively. The idea seemed to make her happier than ever.
“Good.” she said, and began to unbutton his shirt, taking care to caress him as she did so. He was so beautiful.... she wondered why she had never noticed. She sighed, and leaned over, pressed her face against his chest, breathing in. She wrapped her arms around his waist and squeezed him tightly, listening to the birdfast flutter of his heart. Willard's hand moved upwards and stroked her hair timidly.
"You're amazing...." she whispered.
Her cool fingers skimmed over Willard's skin, making him feel better than he ever had in his life. His shirt fluttered to the floor, and his eyes widened as hers did the same. She reached back and unhooked her bra, which landed on top of her shirt. Willard’s face grew hot – this was the first time he has seen a woman naked in the flesh. Her breasts were of the small but perfectly formed variety.
“Come here.” she whispered, pulling him close.
“May I kiss you??” Willard asked shyly, and she nodded. He kissed her passionately and she writhed on top of him. He placed his hands on her lower back and they turned, so they were facing each other on the rickety bed. He pressed himself against her, wanting to feel every part of her, wanting everything. Her hand scuttled up and down his back, finally cupping his ass, and she let out a small, almost animal moan of lust. He was now half on top of her, his erection pressed deliciously against her thigh. He had a sudden urge to rotate his hips, grind against her, but stopped himself - a forceful thrust against her thigh might offend her. Better to let her take the lead. Her hand was still on his ass, squeezing and rubbing his left buttock through his pants, which he thought a bit strange, but she seemed to be enjoying it, so he smiled and contented himself with looking at her, waiting for her next action.
“Put your hands on me, Willard…” she whispered. His hands snaked timidly up her tummy and cupped her breasts. She gasped, and looked at him.
“Now… just… do what feels right.” Her voice broke on every word, as he started to caress her, the heels of his hands stroking the curves of her breasts, his palms brushing over her nipples.
Her breathing quickened. Willard half-smiled, pleased at the effect he was having on her. He couldn't help it - he was so aroused it was almost painful, and he couldn’t help the fact that his hips were now slowly moving against her of their own accord, grinding his hardness into her warm thigh. He moaned a little, and saw a flash of a triumphant grin cross her face. Her hand pressed against his ass - was she encouraging him??
She opened her eyes and looked at him - he looked beautiful – his face was flushed and his expression would suggest she was the only woman in the world… or perhaps, the most desirable. She reached out and stroked his chest.
As Willard continued to touch her, she reached down between his body and hers and played with the button of his pants. He drew in breath sharply as her hand came into contact with his clothed erection.
“Can I…??” she asked, and he nodded. She slowly unbuttoned his pants, and slid them down his legs as far as she could before he kicked them off. His hands were still grasping at her breasts and her damp knickers were sticking to her skin. She reached down to remove her own pants, but he caught her hand, stopping her.
“Let me do it,” he whispered, smiling. She nodded, a little surprised but pleased about his sudden eagerness, and he slid down her body to between her legs. He pulled open the buttons of her pants and tugged them off. Fen spread her legs a little, and he stared at the area uncertainly. She took his hand and slowly guided his fingers to her wetness, to remove her panties.
“Fen…” he almost moaned, “You’re…."
An intense bolt of pleasure shot through Fen as she felt Willard’s breath on her clit. She gasped a little, then sat up and stroked his hair fondly.
“Shh.” she whispered, “Come here.”
She flicked the waistband of his boxers against his skin. Willard flinched. She apologised softly and then tugged at his boxers with a sudden urgency. He shifted a little so she could remove them, and when she had, she wanted to gasp in amazement. It wasn’t that he was particularly big or anything. He was just…stunning.
“F-Fen...” he choked.
“Don’t speak…” she whispered. “Don’t think. Just feel.”
And she leaned in and her lips closed around him. Willard swore and his hips bucked against her mouth. She slipped her hands underneath him and clasped his backside, then slid his rigid erection in and out of her tensed lips, sucking gently, loving the taste of him.
“Mmm…” she intoned, reaching up to cup his balls, her tongue working him, swirling around him, her teeth grazing gently against him. She flicked her tongue over the tip of his hardness and then took him back into her mouth.
“Oh!!” Willard moaned as she took him down her throat as far as she could without gagging. “Oh god, ohh…”
Fen opened her eyes and looked up at him. His eyes were clouded and half-closed, and she could hear him moaning, loud breathy moans that sounded like "Ah, ah, ah!!" She hardly realised what was happening until she nearly choked on a throatful of hot, bitter liquid.
She swallowed hurriedly and looked up at him.
“I’m sorry…” he gasped, “I… couldn’t help it. I wanted it to last longer…”
She kissed him softly.
“I’m flattered I turn you on so much. You’ll be hard again in minutes.” She said, then lay back on the bed next to him. “Watch.”
She licked her fingers. Willard’s eyes followed her hand down to the apex of her thighs and he sucked in a gasp as her fingers began working her clit. He could see fluid glistening on her skin as she dipped a finger into her essence.
“Here is a place you should remember.” she said, observing happily how mesmerised he was. A gasp escaped her as she touched herself gently and her eyes closed in pleasure. They flew open again when she felt his fingers replace hers. He was stroking her clit incredibly gently, his face close to her, breathing hard. His hot breath caressed her, making her gasp.
“Willard…” she whispered, “here,” She guided his hand to the right place and moaned as two of his trembling digits slid inside her. “Ohh… that’s right.” she choked.
“Are you okay??” he said, “I’m not... hurting you??”
“No,” she said firmly, squeezing her eyes shut. “Oh… mm, that’s good, Willard…”
Uncertainly, Willard started to slide his fingers in and out of her, still afraid he was hurting her – she looked like she was in pain. He noticed at that moment that she had been right – he was hard… harder than he had been before. Fen moaned, and he felt her wet heat spasm, tightening around his fingers.
“Stop.” she told him. "You're lovely..." She kissed him as his fingers slid out of her as she sat up against the headboard. Willard bit his lip.
"Could I...??" he almost whispered, and then found he couldn't say it. To illustrate his point he stuck out the tip of his tongue and momentarily looked down at her.
"I can't think of anything I'd like more." she said, smiling.
His tongue darted out and licked her clit slowly and deliberately. He stroked her inner thighs as he did so, intensifying her pleasure.
“Mm,” Fen said into the pillows as Willard pushed her thighs apart, licking rhythmically.
“Am I…is it okay??” he asked from between her thighs.
“Oh Willard...” she moaned in reply as his tongue dipped in and out of her.
Willard smiled as best he could with his tongue inside her, remembering his mother’s words – Willard, when will you find yourself a girl?? He slithered into a more comfortable position and continued thrusting his tongue into her. He wasn't sure about the taste - to be honest it didn't taste very nice at all, but he didn’t mind. He was enjoying it – he was so aware of her – the bitterness on his tongue, the heat from her body, her hands softly tugging at his hair and her soft moans….
“Willard, stop.” Fen said softly. “I want you inside me when I come…”
Willard’s erection was rigid and slippery and aching to be inside her. She kissed him, catching a brief encounter with his tongue, and then straddled him.
“Ready??” she asked.
Willard nodded, and she smiled at him. As he watched, she began lowering her body, her eyes closed as he slipped inside her like a knife into butter.
“Oh --” he choked, and clasped at her, hooking his arms around her neck. She slid forward slowly so he was fully inside her, to the hilt.
“Feels good…” Willard gasped. He felt almost as if his life had just been saved. She kissed him, then started to move her hips. He did likewise, thrusting forward to meet her. He moaned; so did she - she was moving excruciatingly slowly. His hands crept to her hips, encouraging her to move faster. She threw back her head, breathing hard. Willard’s eyes slipped closed and then he felt her arms wound around him and they kissed fiercely. Willard’s hands tugged at her hair and he bucked against her. Fen spread her legs a little more, loving the feeling of him inside her, filling her. Willard tipped his head back and a groan tore from his throat. They began to rock faster, more urgently against each other.
“I’m close,” Fen whispered, “Oh god!!”
She slowed her pace. Willard half-gasped, half-moaned as he felt her tighten around him. He knew he was close.
“I’m going to --” he choked, and gave an involuntary upward thrust of his hips.
They came together. She whispered his name over and over, tears rolling down her cheeks as she felt his warmth inside her, her own orgasm shuddering through her. She collapsed on top of him, her forehead against his, and kissed him softly.
“Now, would that have happened in your journal??” she asked impishly.
“I think so.” Willard said truthfully.
“Don’t read it out in group.” she quipped.
She wriggled up against him and fell asleep, her face crushed into his shoulder.
But Willard, reliving the day in his head as he stared up at the ceiling, didn’t sleep for some time.
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phew! Is it warm in here or is it just me...*fans herself*


Good work. Willard was just adorably virginal in that. I loved it.
*dances* THANK YOU!!
I love your icon.
i love it to. can i post it on my journal. it would make me ever so happy.