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Ratman's Notebooks & some graphics

Hey, it's been kind of quiet here. . . doesn't anyone like Willard anymore? :(

Anyway, I recently read Ratman's Notebooks, the book Willard was based on. Has anyone else read it? I was so delighted to find it in my school's library.

First of all, it takes place in Britain. Not sure exactly where, though. It's told from Willard's perspective, like a diary. Except he never has a name (I'll just refer to him as Willard anyway). His mother tells him there are rats in the garden, not the basement. Of course he doesn't kill them, and befriends them. His boss is named Mr. Jones, not Mr. Martin. He lowers Willard's salary after his mother's death so he has to resort to stealing. He trains his rats to attack people and scare them while he takes their money. He steals from whoever he knows has money, like a guy who owns a store, a couple going on vacation, etc. He eventually finds a rat mask in his house and wears it when he goes on raids, and this leads to rumors of a rat-monster called Ratman. He brings his rats to kill Mr. Jones and they do, and he leaves them all there. No one suspects him. Then he proposes to "the girl" (the Cathryn character) and they're going to get married. He's in the middle of renovating his house when he sees that Ben and all the other rats have returned. He goes up to the attic to hide, because they're after him. Here's the last couple of sentences:

They'd gnaw the door down if I didn't keep yelling. Maybe somebody will hear me

Hahaha, creepy.

I thought the book was good but that it made Willard a less sympathetic character. He stole from people who didn't do anything to him (unlike in the movie[s], where he just wants revenge).

Oh, and I'm sharing this wallpaper I made a while ago:

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You can find it and other Willard stuff at my graphics journal. In case you don't feel like looking for it, click here to see all the entries with Willard graphics.
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